From August 7 to August 25, 2017, Kaggle conducted a survey of its users and 16,716 people responded. You can see the full report here.The part of this survey relevant to this article is about the challenges companies face as far as their data science efforts are concerned. Here are the results:Human factorsOrganization / Collaboration […]
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In a previous post, we explained that data science is about solving problems, which requires both domain knowledge and modeling concepts expertise. Specific modeling techniques and IT skills, although very important and useful, are just tools. This is extremely important, because it explains why focusing mostly on assessing knowledge of modeling techniques and IT skills […]
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The goal of this article is to identify important characteristics of data science, in a business context, a.k.a. business intelligence (BI). Both terms will be used interchangeably.You might be familiar with the TV show NUMB3RS that aired in the US between 2005 and 2010. For those who are not, here is the basic idea: a […]
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